by Tiffany

I threw my head back; eyes closed tight with a tautly clenched smile, my legs nearly wilted from numbness as I was engulfed by the sensation of sand rushing through my veins. Every preceding moment led to this; every ounce of sweat; every drop of blood; every treacherous thought and dark night of the soul. It was all for this.

All that is gold does not glitter, and not all that glitters is gold. Yet THIS was engoldening; legitimate, real, dreamlike in the here and now. Pure elation flooded every fiber of my being as beads of sweat slid down my skin. The wafting scent of leather teased my olfactory nerve as I indulged in the tactual bliss accompanying the touch of the cold metal and the rest of the adornment as it wrapped around me; chains and all, my dearest desire now at my waist. A glance down, and there it was.

My heart pounded like a drum. This moment was delectable. This was it. Sheer joy coursed through me at the kind of peak you dream of, but this was real. This was happening. I manifested my dream to reality when I became the Glory Kickboxing Women’s Super Bantamweight Champion of the World.